Autopsy: North Dakota Police Pistol Whipped Unarmed Man Then Shot Him In The Back Of The Head

A Devil’s Lake, North Dakota man was killed by police on July 5, but the autopsy results were just recently made public. The report says that police officers pistol whipped the unarmed man before shooting him in the back of the head.

The family of Daniel Aaron Fuller is demanding criminal charges against the unidentified officer who fired the kill shot.

WDAY reported Fuller, 26, died from a “gunshot wound to the head,” according to autopsy findings from the UND Forensic Pathology Practice Center.

Devils Lake Police Chief Joe Knowski confirmed that Fuler was unarmed and said he was being chased by 2 plainclothes officers who thought he may have broken into a mobile home before being killed.

Knowski also said the officers were not wearing cameras, but some of the incident was caught on police cruiser dash camera, but it has not been released.

The report stated, “the discharge of the firearm was apparently inadvertent,” but the injury was “inflicted by another person during an intentional and harmful act directed at the decedent” and found “the manner of death was certified as homicide.”

The working definition of homicide is death “due to a volitional act by another person with the intent to cause fear, harm or death.”

Knowski pointed out labeling it a homicide does not necessarily mean the officer intended death, which would be a necessary factor to prove murder.

Police have not allowed Fuller’s family to see the dashcam footage, but his mother, Marla Fuller, said she was told by the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation that her son was pistol whipped 3 times before being shot in the back of the head.

Police are using Marsy’s law to refuse to identify the officers involved, but they did verify that the killer is on administrative leave.

Marsy’s law protects the rights of victims, so by citing this law, police are actually saying the killer is the victim in this homicide.

“The police chief stated Marsy’s law on TV as to why not naming the officer,” Marla Fuller said. “He (the officer who shot Daniel Fuller) is not the victim, we are.”

Fuller’s family continues to push for criminal charges against Daniel’s killer, even though police will not reveal who he is.


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