Watch: Chemtrails Fully Explained With Proof of Documentations & Patents

Chemtrails are plumes of toxic chemicals spewed  from military and commercial jets that greatly diminish the sunlight, destroy trees, contaminate water supplies and float into the brains and bodies of all living things on earth. reports that independent testing results show the components of these aerosols filtering down around us.

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A typical chemtrail cocktail includes barium, nano aluminum coated fiberglass, radioactive thorium, nickel, blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, etc.

Activists across the world have alerted the masses as to the extreme health risks of these blanketed sprays. They point to major increases in asthma and upper respiratory diseases, links to diminished brain cognitive function and heart disease.

It’s not the normal gas removal of the jet engine engines – this path disappears from the sky in 30 seconds – 1 minute. Instead, these chemtrails remain hours and even days in a row, forming long-lived clouds that come from the expansion of these death rows that are launched by planes .

In this video we view the documentations and patents that show proof of chemtrails, cloud seeding, geoengineering, stratospheric aerosol injection and the chemicals being used to profit from us.

German meteorologists have detected abnormalities from radar installations (based on radio waves) caused by these rays from the sky, which are radio reflective. So the Association of Meteorologists has called on the German army department to make official revelations of this secret program.

Some documents that have come to light show that the US government is running a secret program to fight “global warming,” which uses chemical sprays in the atmosphere.

It is unclear who specifically authorizes the spraying of these chemtrails whose harmful effects on the environment and humans are not fully known.

There is even the suspicion that these substances spread in the atmosphere even have the opposite effect to the declared one, that is, they seem to produce a greenhouse effect by blocking the space evolution of the heat accumulated by the Earth due to the reflective effect.

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